Welcome to DigiSpec, the vision research leader in VMD Digital Video Motion Detection technology.

These intelligent security system video motion CCTV devices offer state of the art indoor and outdoor video motion detector protection for motion, motionless and museum mode installations.

The DS1-PL, DS-16 and VMD1001 offer programmable sensitivity, trigger level and tracking time for automatic detection of multi zones of image movement. Special viewing modes for trace, video tracker, black out modes give upstream detection from a camera to activate alarms.

1906 Treble, Humble, Texas, office rental has 26 independent office suites from 224 sq ft to 650 sq ft. The front lobby can also be rented but is open and usually rented in association with the front two offices suites. Standard rooms have one window and one entrance. Front suites have two windows and included private bathroom and closet and fully carpeted with wood paneling.